We must not promise what we ought not, lest we be called on to perform what we cannot. -- Abraham Lincoln

Monday, June 7, 2010

PROMISE: Closure to extrajudicial killings

Presumptive president-elect Benigno Aquino III Monday pledged after meeting with a high-powered group of European ambassadors to track down assassins involved in extrajudicial killings, saying there must be a “closure” to the bloody chapter of unresolved murders in the Philippines.

“Cases of extrajudicial killings need to be solved, not just identify the perpetrators but have them captured and sent to jail,” Aquino said at the press conference.

“That’s part of the agenda [of the incoming administration]… Judicial reform is so important. There has to be closure as soon as possible, which means not the usual average of six years,” he added.

STATUS: Pending.

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